Satellite Imagery
This Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) satellite image highlights a number of features along the coast of Eritrea.

Mangroves can be clearly seen in green.

Reefs and sandbars can be seen as different shades of light blue.

Asmara airport can be seen in the top left hand corner of the image.

Landsat TM image
Digital Infra-Red Photography
Digital Infra Red Image This digital Infra Red photography was taken in northern Namibia as part of an agricultural survey to determine crop area estimates and farmstead survey.

A good crop of millet is observed on the left side of the homestead, while weeds dominate the field in the top right corner.  The fields below that and to the right of the homestead have been prepared too late in the season.

Digital Elevation Model
The digital elevation model (DTM) on the right demonstrates nicely the topography of Madagascar.

Areas of low elevation are represented as blue while areas of high elevation are represented as red.  Flat areas are represented by uniform colour.

DTM's can be created using a number of techniques such as: interpolation of digitised contour lines, from satellite stereo pairs (such as SPOT) and from photogrammetrical stereo models using aerial photography (digital and conventional) or other remote sensing sources.

Various products can easily be derived from digital elevation data such as: slope, aspect and drainage patterns.

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