GISL provides geomatics (the integration of technologies relating to the acquisition, storage, manipulation and management of spatially related data) solutions and services to mapping, planning and management programmes in the natural resources, geosciences, environmental and marine sectors. To see more information on individual projects click on bulletted project you wish to link to:

Land Use Mapping, Azerbaijan

Land Information System, Barbados

Coastal Zone Management, Belize

Coastal Zone Conservation, Bohai Sea, China

Environmental Applications, China

GIS and Image Processing Training, China

GIS Services, Red Sea Coastal and Marine Resource Management Project, Egypt

River Basin Master Plan, Ethiopia

Provision of GIS and Resource Survey Design, Ethiopia

Digital Survey and Mapping for Agriculture/Land Reform, Georgia

Accra Sustainable Programme, Ghana

Forest Sector Development Programme, Ghana

Forestry Inventory Mapping, Ghana

Ghana Cocoa Board Needs Assessment, Ghana

Greenbelt Assessment, Greater Accra, Ghana

Protected Areas Development Programme, Ghana

Urban Planning, Ghana

GIS/Remote Sensing Services, India

Preparation Mission for National Forestry Survey, India

Drakensberg Maloti Mountains Conservation Programme, Lesotho

Establishment of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system to the PROSCARP project, Malawi

Strengthening Land Use Policies, Mongolia

Agricultural Crop Area Estimation, Namibia

Environmental Profile, Kavango, Namibia

Information Systems Needs Assessment, Namibia

Land Enclosure Project, Namibia

Satellite Image Processing, Namibia

Institutional Strengthening of Nepal Electricity Authority Environment Division (NEA-ED), Nepal

GIS/Remote Sensing Installation, Nepal

Airborne Videography for Water Demand Estimation, Nigeria

Geomatics Consultancy - Oil and Gas , Nigeria

North East Arid Zone Programme, Yobe State , Nigeria

Water Supply IT/GIS Needs Assessment, Nigeria

Water Resources, Oman

Date Palm Inventory, Oman

Digital Orthophoto Map Production, Oman

Land Survey Project, Oman

Cotton Mapping and Boll Weevil Study, Paraguay

ERMapper Training, Russia

Watershed Management, Somalia

MIS for Food Security, Sudan

Land Use Master Plan, Sudan

Developing a GIS prototype for Agricultural Monitoring, UK

GIS and Remote Sensing Training Courses, UK

GIS Services, Environment Agency (EA), UK

GIS Services, Environmental Heritage (Northern Ireland), UK

Proposed Airport Extension Study, UK

Remote Sensing Applications Investigation, UK

Transport Routing and Environmental Study, UK

Coastal Zone Habitat Mapping, Yemen


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