1997-9 Crop Estimation using Digital Infra-Red Photography and Videography- Namibia - DFID

Implementation of the latest digital IR photography and videography to assist the statistical department to calculate area of crop planted in the northern regions of Namibia.  Developed a turn-key solution for data capture, data processing and photo interpretation for calculating crop areas from a sample frame.

1998-9 Kavango Vegetation and Soil Mapping for Environmental Profile - Namibia - Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Classification of Landsat TM, digital orthophotos and field evaluation to map soils, vegetation and land systems for the Kavango region of Namibia.

1998 ArcView and ERMapper Training for Northern Environment Development Project - Namibia - DFID

Recommendation of appropriate GIS and image processing software.   Training in ArcView GIS and ERMapper image processing software.  Development of specific scripts in ArcView to assist the project with dissemination of environmental information.

1995-6 & 1996-7 DWA Satellite Image Procurement, Processing and Analysis - Namibia - Govt of Namibia

The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) in the Ministry of Agriculture appointed GIS (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd as sole provider of satellite image services for two successive years.

1994 Land Enclosure Project - Northern Regions - Namibia - Ford Foundation

Estimation of land enclosure and environmental condition using airborne video and satellite data to provide information essential to the resolution of land and agrarian reform issues; this method will provide the platform for a systematic monitoring programme.

1993 Information Systems Needs Assessment - Communal Lands Area - Namibia - Consultancy Firm

Study to identify the developmental and environmental needs and constraints of this area including a needs assessment for satellite imagery and information systems within the Directorate of Planning/Ministry of Agriculture. This encompassed data gathering and dissemination, impact assessment and policy evaluation at national, regional and household level and early warning systems.

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