Justin Saunders - International GIS and Remote Sensing Applications Consultant

Justin J-D Saunders


Personal Data: British - Born - 1963 - Married
Languages: English - mother tongue, French - good, Swahili - basic
Academic Qualifications: 1986, B.Sc. Agriculture, Purdue University. (Grade Point Average 4.9/6.0)
1988, M.Sc. Applied Remote Sensing & GIS, Cranfield Institute of Technology, Silsoe College.
Professional Qualifications: Member of Association of Geographic Information (AGI)
Member of Remote Sensing Society

Synopsis Co-founder of GISL, a UK based GIS/remote sensing and information services company. The Firm builds on the core of British partners with specialist GIS, remote sensing and information technology skills and the expertise in applying these skills for improved management and decision making in the environmental and natural resources fields. GISL are the UK's leading GIS applications consultants. Areas of expertise include urban and rural planning, environmental database management, land use planning, land registration and policy, water resource survey, agricultural inventory and crop area mapping, environmental and natural resource assessment, GPS survey and training. This has been gained in a number of progressively responsible technical and managerial positions in the UK, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Justin is also co-founder of an internet mapping company eMapSite that hosts the largest selection of digital mapping data for the UK. eMapSite has developed sophisticated web mapping services that allows users to browse the most detailed Ordnance Survey mapping online.

Justin has been involved in the field of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the past 20 years. He has experience of ERMapper, ArcView/ArcGIS, ERDAS, ILWIS, SPANS, GIST/GEMS, GlobalMapper, ARC/INFO, GEO/SQL, Intergraph GeoMedia, IDRISI and AutoCAD. He also has experience of data capture techniques, GPS and conventional surveying and database management for urban, agricultural, environmental and natural resource projects.

The wide range of activities Justin has been actively involved in include: coastal zone and evironmental study of the Bohai Sea in China; land registration and policy in Mongolia; an airborne video survey for crop monitoring in Namibia; a coastal zone mapping and management project in Egypt; river basin development master plan in Ethiopia; a land use survey and plan in the Sudan; land use mapping, installation and training on a land information system in Barbados; cotton mapping in Paraguay; installation and training in GIS/remote sensing for environmental and water resource applications in Hunan Province, China; technical cooperation with the NRSC of the Peoples Republic of China to develop a remote sensing GIS for natural resource evaluation and monitoring in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China; satellite image map production and analysis in Northern Oman, Namibia, Ghana and Egypt; satellite image map production for forestry mapping in Ghana; training in formal GIS and remote sensing and specific software packages in Barbados, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Namibia, Oman, Russia, Sudan, and UK; and investigations into the appropriate implementation and applications of PC based image processing and GIS in developing countries.


Experience Record

May 1993 - date

eMapSite, UK

GISL Limited and eMapSite.com Limited

Company Co-Founder and Director

Co-Founder of GISL, a UK based GIS/remote sensing and information services company. Responsible for project management, design and implementation of remote sensing and GIS applications projects within GISL Limited.

Co-Founder of eMapSite, the UK's fastest growing internet mapping company for professionals. Technical Director responsible for overall project management of development of web mapping services. Justin's GIS/image processing experience and vision has driven a team of highly experienced consultants to develop a wide range of products and services using the latest web based technologies.

Bohai Sea Coastal Resource and Environmental Project, China GIS Specialist (Asian Development Bank, 1999)
GIS integration
ER Mapper Training,Worldwide Authorised ERMapper Image Processing Training Expert, Brunei, China, Egypt, France, Ghana, Mongolia, Namibia, Nigeria, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
Remote Sensing and GIS input for the State of the Environment Project, Namibia Remote Sensing/GIS Expert (Government of Namibia; 1998)
Satellite image processing and GIS data integration to produce vegetation and soil maps to assist with an overall environmental assessment of the Kavngo region of northern Namibia.
Remote Sensing and GIS Technical Assistance for Agricultural Crop Area Estimates and Classification using Satellite Imagery and Airborne Digital Infra-Red and Videography, Namibia Remote Sensing/GIS Expert and Technical Advisor (DFID; 1997-9)
Investigation into the use of low level airborne digital infra-red photography and videography to assist with crop area estimation in the northern Namibia communal lands. A combination of digital infra-red and videography proved to provide highly accurate area measurements of cropping in a timely and significantly less costly exercise to conventional means.  A turn-key system has been produced for all aspects of data capture, processing and statistical analysis.
Image Processing and GIS Training for Environmental Project, Namibia Image Processing/GIS Trainer and Support (DFID; 1998)
Training and support in ArcView GIS and ERMapper image processing for environmental applications to assist with the analysis and dissemination of digital datasets for planning and monitoring in the Etosha region of Namibia.
Technical Assistance to Red Sea Coastal and Marine Resource Management Project, Egypt GIS Expert and Technical Advisor (GEF; 1997/98)
The study involved 3 separate components to include i) feasibility and technical assessment of the GIS requirements to assist the Global Environment Fund office in Cairo. Included recommendation on hardware, software, staffing, training and institutional issues within the organisation. ii) further site visit included spatial analysis of coastal zone baseline data and image processing of Landsat satellite imagery as part of the overall Coastal Zone Management Plan. iii) training in ArcView GIS and ERMapper image processing.
Strengthening Land Use Policies, Mongolia Project Director and Remote Sensing/GIS Technical Adviser (Asian Development Bank, 1999)
Responsible for the project management of this 15 man-month technical assistance programme to the Ministry of Nature and Environment (MNE) in Ulaan Baatar. The core objective was to link legislative changes arising out of recent political changes to the capabilities of the fragile resource base of the country through an inter-connected web of regulatory advice derived from the requirements of land tenure changes and concerns about environmental degradation. Key components included land registration, cadastral survey and mapping, zoning and land use management and environmental monitoring.
GIS study for evaluating the feasibility of management of a 1-million object parcel identification system under IACS, Italy/Portugal GIS Technical Adviser (European Commission; 1996)
The study is to evaluate the feasibility of managing agricultural parcel identifiers, declared under the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) for the justification of European Union area-based subsidies using Geographic Information Systems. The goal of the study is to provide detailed information regarding three main areas of system development and operation:

The advantages and disadvantages that GIS techniques offer for handling of agricultural parcel identifiers;

The availability of GIS software on the market to handle the kind of datasets currently being collected for IACS in EU Member States;

The lessons to be learnt from the implementation of a prototype system, based upon already existing digital data in Italy and Portugal

ER Mapper Training, Russia Trainer (Sovinformsputnik; 1996)
Training in image processing using ERMapper 5.2 software for the Russian agency formerly dealing with classified Russian 2m resolution satellite imagery. Training included processing satellite imagery for urban applications covering several European regions.
DWA Satellite Image Procurement, Processing and Analysis, Namibia Remote Sensing Consultant (Government of Namibia; 1995-96)
Processing of satellite imagery and analysis for Department of Water Affairs (DWA) in the Ministry of Agriculture.
Forestry Inventory and Management Project - Southern Ghana, Ghana Remote Sensing Consultant (ODA; 1995)
Production of a series of image-maps including Landsat TM imagery at 1:100,000 scale with the specific aim of providing up-to-date information to FIMP for forestry reserve management. The assignment includes the identification of appropriate band combinations, enhancement, mosaicing, geometric & radiometric correction and map production.
Coastal Zone Habitat Mapping and GIS, Yemen GIS Support (GEF/EU; 1995/96)
Installation of ArcINFO based GIS, digital image analysis, hardcopy interpretation, preparation of digital map and attribute databases and development of AML based protocols for data capture, collation, analysis and dissemination.
Coastal Zone Management Project, Belize Project Manager/GIS Support (ODA/UNDP; 1995)
Installation of GIS for coastal zone mapping, management and monitoring. Training on PC based GIS (ARC/INFO) and integration, analysis of coastal zone datasets.
Ethiopian Valley Development Studies Authority (EVDSA), Ethiopia GIS/Remote Sensing Consultant (Omo-Gibe River Basin Master Plan; 1993-96)
Appointed to provide all the remote sensing, GIS and cartographic inputs to the programme. This required a number of inputs spread over the three years of the project, beginning with needs assessment in consultation with the client and with the other consultants and further providing database design, image acquisition and processing including mosaicing, interpretation and classification, landuse change detection, ground truthing and field verification with GPS and training as well as GIS applications development and analysis on networked GIS system.
GIS/Remote Sensing Projects, Oman Remote Sensing Consultant (Private Company; June-July 1993; Feb 1994)
assisted the Ministry of Water Resources with satellite image map preparation using ERMapper. Image processing comprised of 7 LANDSAT Thematic Mapper (TM) images and involved the production of 34 satellite maps at 1:100,000 to conform to existing mapping units. Training of MWR staff.
classification of satellite imagery for an international consultancy firm to identify falaj systems and associated date palm gardens in Northern Oman as part of a regional resource inventory.
for an international engineering consultancy produced some hardcopy satellite imagery following image analysis and classification as part of an hydrogeological assessment for potential dam sites.
integration of digital orthophotos with digital mapping data and preparation of hardcopy for seismic crews of the Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO).
Land use Mapping Project, Azerbaijan Land Use Mapping, (UK Consultancy Firm; October 1994)
Responsible for the production of digital and hardcopy (1:20,000) landuse maps for 6 sovkhoz locations.



April 1989 - May 1993 Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Partners, UK

Natural Resources/GIS Specialist

Responsible for project management and design of remote sensing and GIS applications in agricultural/environmental monitoring, resource appraisal, regional and rural development planning and training/consultation within SWK and MASCOTT Ltd.

1992 Barbados Land use mapping consultancy with Ministry of Agriculture as part of FAO Agricultural Development Project. Installation of GIS in Bridgetown. Production of digital landuse map from aerial photography, satellite imagery. Analysis of landuse for planning purposes and also for monitoring and evaluation.
1992 Ghana Urban planning consultancy with the Town and Country Planning Department in Accra. Hardware and software installation of multiple GIS and drafting workstations using ILWIS, GEO/SQL and AutoCAD. Theoretical training in GIS supported by on-the-job training and practicals using the GIS facility installed. Workshops and training exercises were made available to other governmental institutions pursuing an interest in using GIS. Urban planning exercises included attribute mapping and database analysis to determine Accra's most depressed residential areas based on population densities, health facilities, income, sanitation and socio-economic data.
1991-92 Sudan Land use survey and planning consultancy for Southern Kassala Agricultural Development Project (SKAP) using remote sensing, GIS and GPS. Responsible for: the preparation of maps for terrain evaluation and land use classification (36,000 km2) from multi-temporal satellite imagery, training Sudanese counterparts in the use of ILWIS GIS, together with cartographic and interpretation techniques involving applications of remote sensing and GIS for regional planning, resource inventory and environmental monitoring and evaluation. Responsible for the production of maps at 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 for: Topography, Land Systems, Soils, Potential Land Use (Land Capability), Water Resources, Land Suitability, Livestock Migration Routes, Current Land Use, Land Use Change over 10 years, and Land Use Plan.

Wet season satellite imagery analysis of LANDSAT Thematic Mapper (TM) imagery captured in November 1991 to determine crop areas and distribution of sorghum, sesame, natural vegetation, forestry reserves and fallow land. Statistical analysis of results and mapping at 1:250,000 were derived from the image analysis.

1990/91/92 China Installation of remote sensing and GIS equipment at the Academy of Science, Beijing. Training in image processing and GIS natural resource assessments for the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of NW China.

Installation of PC image processing and GIS system into Hunan Remote Sensing Centre, Hunan Province. Training in water resource evaluation and environmental monitoring for the Dong Ting Lake Region.

Environmental monitoring of the South Lake of Yeuyang using GIS and remote sensing. Assessment of the water supply quality to Yeuyang in co-ordination with the Yeuyang Environmental Monitoring Station and the Hunan Bureau of Environmental Protection. Design and implementation of GIS water quality model using ILWIS/GIST systems in association with the Hunan Remote Sensing Centre.

1989/90 Paraguay Pilot study (1989) to determine the possibilities of classifying cotton by remote sensing techniques using a 400 km2 region in Parana State, Paraguay.

Cotton mapping study (1990) for monitoring pest migration using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Responsibilities included: image processing and crop classification; ground truthing and survey using GPS; and training local counterparts in interpretation of satellite imagery for agricultural land use mapping. Produced cotton mapping units for the 32,400 km2 project area. Used GIS techniques to analyse the spread of the boll-weevil by integration of Meteorological data, crop cover and field data. Proposed and made recommendations for a "cotton-free" buffer zone in Parana State, Paraguay to control the spread of the boll-weevil from Brazil.



to April 1989 Rural Development Specialist

Actively involved in setting up and assisting with the design and implementation (multi-disciplinary fields) on a number of   rural development projects.

1988-89 Tanzania (SAFAD) construction of a gravity fed water supply system for a rural school.

project organisation included fund-raising, project appraisal and planning, team selection according to appropriate local requirements.

project implementation included construction of small dam, two Ferro-cement tanks (domestic and irrigation) for distribution to school buildings and farms.

set up conservation measures for protecting water supply in conjunction with initiation of tree nurseries for soil conservation and energy requirements.

familiarity with shallow and tube well construction.

responsible for training and management of large local labour force.

1983/84 Pakistan
Assisted in the collection of agricultural socio-economic data from hill farmers in Himalaya-Karakorum mountain villages. Distributed seed to local farmers and made recommendations to improve production methods and practices in agriculture to secure immediate demands and needs from the local community. Introduced seed potato for distribution to down country markets.

Initiated re-afforestation and agroforestry programme. Designed appropriate methods of fruit drying using available local resources. Introduced improved techniques of minor irrigation and related works including training and maintenance of petrol motor rock drills.

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