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GISL is one of the leading companies in the UK to provide GIS and Geomatics application specialists to multi-disciplinary projects worldwide.


We need, from time to time, consulting assistance at short notice for UK and international assignments. The specialists we look for should be well qualified in some of the application fields mentioned below. Please fill out the online registration form NOW and increase your chances of being contacted for an assignment with GISL.

The more information you can provide us with the better and by filling out the form correctly we are able to search for the correct skills and get your information infront of our clients for selection and approval. Our online form allows us to automatically generate CV's in a standard and professional format.

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We are currently looking for the following experts:


The demand for GIS jobs has increased substantially over the past 12 months.  We search our database and "network" to fill positions. 

Please register your information online.  By registering online your have a better chance of being found and chosen for a job opening.

Remember to fill in as much information that is relevant as our searches use "key words" to find any suitable candidates.

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Some examples of the application fields are:


environmental assessment

forestry, wildlife & park management

land use survey & planning

land information systems

land registration & cadastral survey

water resources development

master planning


rural development

urban & physical planning

food security

digital cartography, mapping & GPS survey

oil, gas & mineral exploration

coastal zones