1999-2000 Bohai Sea Coastal Resource Conservation and Environmental Management Project - Asian Development Bank

GISL Limited have recently commenced a 3 month technical assistance to this Asian Development Bank funded programme. The project has three broad objectives:

  1. To provide integrated coastal management (ICM) planning and environmental monitoring expertise to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) to increase its capacity to manage the living natural resources of the Bohai Sea at central and local levels.

  2. To assist MoA, with inputs from other concerned agencies (SOA, SEPA, MOT) to formulate an integrated long-term strategic management plan and action programme for the management of the living natural resources of the Bohai Sea.

  3. To provide assistance to the Government of the Peoples Republic China to establish an integrated management structure for the management of the coastal and marine resources of the Bohai Sea.


1991 and 1992 GIS/Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications - Hunan - DFID

Installation of three-user PC-based GIS and image processing system at the Hunan Remote Sensing Centre; training and applications centred around hydrology and an environmental assessment of Dong Feng Lake. Unregulated heavy industry around the lake has contributed to a rapid fall in water quality; GIS and satellite imagery used to illustrate the potential for monitoring changes in water quality and for studying the underlying processes.


1990 GIS and Image Processing Installation - Beijing - DFID

GIS-image processing system installation; extensive training and applications development course in remote sensing and GIS at the Institute for Remote Sensing Application (IRSA); production of photo-maps illustrating the integration of GIS and remote sensing. Applications included hydrogeology, geotechnics and mineral resources.

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